Inspiration Monday: Autumn Looks 2012

Last week was all about Spring looks for 2012 written specifically for my Northern Hemisphere readers. This weeks post goes to my comrades down-under in the Southern Hemisphere.

Seeing as we are now 2 days away from Autumn (yippee!!!) I thought I would write about what looks are inspiring me for Autumn.

1. Floppy felt hats in Autumn tones

These hats are all the rage right now I have seen them popping up in Sportsgirl, Myer and Target. They seem to be selling out quick too so grab yourself one while you still can!

2. Coloured Jeans

Another item that seems to be selling out everywhere! The best part is you don’t need to spend a fortune on Ksubi coloured jeans when places like Big W, Target and Valleygirl have the basics covered with beautiful coloured jeans for all under $40.

I recently got some dark burgundy/wine coloured skinny jeans from Target for just $39 (see outfit post here)

3. Cute cardigans and knee high socks

Another autumn/winter must have is cute cardi’s that you can throw on over a vintage dress and for those lucky enough to live in really cold areas, under a thick coat. Depending on the material you can get these babies pretty cheap from chain stores or even check out your local thrift shop- mind the mothball smell though!

4. Coloured Blazers

Something I have been lusting after is a coloured blazer. I probably won’t get one as I invested a lot of many in a leather jacket to wear and I am trying to learn to be more frugal with my spending habits. But isn’t this blazer just to die for?

5. Aztec Print Pants

Not only are these super awesome but comfy too! I have seen a few prints out not too many yet but Australia always seems to fall behind in the times. Some of the ones I have seen have super skinny legs and are pretty unflattering. I am hoping for some loser fit harem style pants to come through soon!

6. Tights with shorts

Loving this look for autumn/winter! Plus it isn’t too cold where I live so will definitely be trying this look out with opaque black tights of course! If you are brave enough try the coloured tights instead!

7.Brights with Neutrals

Who said autumn has to be all about boring shades of camel, burgundy and brown. Why not dress it up a little with your Spring brights? Looks amazing with autumn’s neutral shades and makes you stand out a little more from the crowd!

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  1. Beautiful fashions!


  2. I like the dark colored skinny jeans! I really enjoy Fall fashions. TFS

  3. I really need to get some floppy hats. I've seen a few around, but never taken the plunge.

    Very good post, thanks.

  4. Great trends - i love those crazy tribal harem pants, soo cool. And i have a pink blazer, i love it :)
    AND I have two of those floppy hats but have NEVER been brave enough to wear them outside!! WAAH!

    Sadie xx

  5. You've nailed it- these trends are incredible. I saw a hat like this (with scalloped edges) on asos for.. $20? a while back. We should go back and check!!

  6. i'm a big fan of the colored jeans trend... i want a green pair!

  7. I am just loving tights w/ shorts right now but def dont show it as much as I am on my blog haha. Love the colors pants too, always on the lookout to thrift these and more big hats. Great recap : )

  8. You couldn't be more correct with all of these! I wore an autumn toned floppy hat today...haha...and I just bought one in that rusty orange color. I simply cannot have enough of these. They are the best thing for being totally lazy with doing your hair:) I want that last outfit so bad.


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