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Weekend Adventures: Doll and Craft Show

My mum and I actually went to this last weekend but I haven’t had the chance to post this yet. It was last Sunday at the Lawnton showgrounds and I new as soon as I got there that I was going to be in old-lady Heaven which it totally was!

Craft stuff, dolls, vintage and antique things and people selling their wares in a steamy shed with no air-con in 30+ degree heat. By the time we left I actually felt like I had walked through a shower with my clothes on but it was still fun!

I loved the vintage stuff in the first hall we went into which is where I took all these photos. Some people had beautiful vintage photos, antique hats and toys from the 50s and earlier.
Mum took some photos of me outside on this old cow thingy but it was pretty bright and I only had my iPhone hence why the photos are not as clear as they normally are.

I ended up getting a paper bead making kit. The lady who showed me her kits went into great detail with me so I totally felt obliged to buy one and it was only $12 and now I can make my own paper beads.
 We also had a big chat about recycling and I told her about my steampunk jewellery and how much I love making old things into new.

All in all it was fun minus the sweat!

What did you get up to this weekend??


  1. Hahah I would have felt the same about the paper beads - I always feel guilted into buying things! Hope you make some pretty beads with the kit - you must show us.

    Some of those dolls looked freakishly real - creepy! haha. Glad you had good trips.
    My weekend was sunny (YAY!) and I got around to using a mani and pedi voucher that I bought 6 months ago so that was good at least!

    Sadie xx

    1. lucky girl sounds like you had a great weekend dear!
      XX ilana


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