What I Want: 1920s Flapper Style

With the 1920s flapper style hitting many recent runway shows I thought it would be nice to put together another little vintage hair styles post!

To pull off these beautiful curls I would use my ghd hair straightener from ghd Australia. I would then use a strong hair spray to pull it all together nicely.

Not that I have anywhere to go wearing these lovely do’s but perhaps I can emanate something similar for the vintage fair in Brisbane later this year.
They have a prize for the best dressed in vintage and from the pics I have seen some people go all out- you would swear they just walked through a time machine!
Here is a fun little tutorial I found on YouTube for vintage 1920s hairstyles. Check it out below:

1920s Hair Tutorial
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  1. Great 20s inspiration, I love vintage hair styles but I'm terrible at styling hair lol so I never do anything very adventurous with mine! I'm really liking 20s and 30s style clothes at the minute too, I'm always searching on Etsy.

  2. I'm really loving that this trend is coming back around again. Now I only wish my hair would cooperate enough to sport one of these styles...so elegant! Have one loverly weekend darling! xx Marisa

  3. I would LOVE my hair done in a 1920s style - it always looks so glamorous!!

    Sadie xx

  4. I did a project on the 1920s in high school! Hands-down favorite style of the 20th century! :D



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