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{wearing: Beige sweater by Valleygirl, crochet collar by Chicwish, Jeans by JeansWest, Jane Bag by Nancybird, Bass Wendybird loafers via Modcloth}

Everybody knows that I’m not a huge accessories person. I used to be hence why I have millions of costume necklaces, fashion scarves, berets and the like.

However like anything, my style changes constantly. Lately I have felt more drawn to accessories probably due to inspiration from some of my favourite bloggers who wear cute detachable collars and bib necklaces on a daily basis.

I looked high and low for a detachable crochet collar and finally came across one at Chicwish! So happy I bought it as I am planning on wearing it with plain tops and cute dresses in the winter. They have a few different styles one is more lacy so I am planning on getting that one too!

Finally feeling like a normal human again! Got 2 more job interviews this week too. I have a job now but it is always good to keep up your interviewing skills I say!


  1. Great post :)

    I would love to sponsor a giveaway for you sometime if you are interested :)



  2. Cute bag and collar!

    Stopping by rom Blogging Buddies

  3. That collar is so cute. I think it will look adorable in winter with lots of knits and warm sweaters.

  4. Just followed you back. I love the idea of using a crocheted collar to elevate a basic T!


  5. Love this collar. I had a knitted mustard one for my bday this month off my sister, i am waiting for it to get a bit cooler to wear mine as it's woolier than yours! I saw some wonderful lace ones in Spitalfields market last month and will try and DIY one sometime soon!

    Good luck with the interviews!!

    Sadie xx

  6. This collar looks romantic and sweet :) And your purse is very attractive too!

  7. I love your collar, so pretty. It softens the whole outfit

  8. I'm loving your bag it looks so vintage...and the collar is so pretty.

    <3 Marina

  9. I love your top but that collar makes it look even better! and the fact that its detachable is great!


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