Fave Fashion for March 2012

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Hey guys sorry for the lack of posting this week. It seems my little absence even cost me 2 followers but that’s ok I’m not complaining!

I am still really sick and have just come down with conjunctivitis so I won’t be posting any more outfit pics until I am well and truly better. Just started my new job this week too and it has been terrible being so sick and trying to learn many new things.

Anyway though as I wasn’t posting any outfit pics I might show you guys some of my fave styles at the moment. I am really loving florals with brights but also subdued Autumn tones which are very popular in Australia right now.

And as you all know I can’t resist a great print, stripe or polka dot. That heart print sweater in pic 2 is just calling my name!

Have a nice weekend everyone


  1. I love it! Love it all! You're only down one follower now... I'm your newest follower! :)

  2. I hope that you feel better soon! I can't resist stripes or polka dots either. Fun picks all around.

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  3. Aww hope you are feeling better soon! I love the dress in the forth picture, in fact I love the whole outfit!

  4. Oh my Ilana...hope you feel better darling gal!
    All these outfits are beautiful...you have such impeccable taste.
    I am dying over those floral pants...goodness I wish I could look half as good in them as those ladies above. And of course the dresses are making me swoon too!
    Take care of yourself and rest those gorgeous eyes:)

  5. I love that first dress so much!!! gorgeous:)

    Kisses, Lucy!

  6. I hope you feel better! Being sick is the worst especially if your trying to learn something new.

    I love floral pants. I don't think I'd be courageous enough to wear them, but I love them anyway :D

    My most recent:

  7. Ahh sorry to hear you're poorly, I hear conjunctivitis is horrible :(
    Hope you're better soon, and I find it amusing that you lost 2 followers over not posting for a few day! LOL!!

    Some gorgeous florals and prints in these pictures, I'm loving the floral pant trend at the moment!

    Sadie xx

  8. Awesome designs. Your all the designs are mind blowing because your color combination and fashion style is quite unique and very beautiful, thanks for sharing with us..:)

  9. Just come across your blog. Lovin those designs too.


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