Frugal Friday: Getting Off Those Pesky Mailing Lists!

Hi everyone and welcome to the first edition to this new feature "”Frugal Friday”.

Each week I will give you tips for being a more thrifty chic. I myself know just how hard it is to stop those little impulsive purchases especially when I feel the following:

  • Sad- perhaps a new pair of shoes will make me feel better?
  • Like celebrating- something great happens so you tell yourself its ok to get buy yourself something expensive as a present
  • Bored- lets see what’s on sale today

If you are like me you have probably felt like this before, if not many times before. At the moment for me it is mostly boredom and the thrill I get from getting something “new”. The most exciting part of all is when it comes in the mail!

asos ad

One thing I have found this past week to help purge my spending habits is to get off mailing lists. I am not kidding- every morning my inbox is literally flooded by these I swear I am on every fashion shops (that ships to Australia) mailing list! Sometimes these just get so overwhelming I don’t even want to look at my inbox so I did 2 things:

my gmail inbox flooded with advertising and mail subscriptions

(this is my inbox there is over 1000 emails tagged under my online fashion label!)

1. Created a Online Fashion label for some of these email through my Gmail account that acts as a filter for these emails. If I wish to check this box on any given day it is my choice not the advertisers!

2. Decided to Unsubscribe from most of these mailing lists. As of this week I have officially unsubscribed myself from Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Brands Exclusive, DNA Shoes, Fossil and a few others I can’t remember. I really need to get off the Shop Ruche and Modcloth ones as these are way too tempting!

After doing this I feel much better. I feel like I am making my own choices about what advertising I wish to read and receive and I believe this will help in making better fashion choices rather than impulse buys.

Sometimes being a fashion blogger I get so consumed in advertising (including from my favourite blogs!) that it all becomes too much. I start to want things I can’t afford which in-turn leads to feeling down and hopeless about my situation.

This is the reason I stopped reading some more “commercially driven” blogs as I felt like the fashion was unattainable to me(although it must be nice to get $300 shoes for FREE!)

This is only the start for me but I am hoping each week I can stick to my own advice and in-turn help other shopaholics try to tune it down. This doesn’t mean don’t buy – just buy quality vs. quantity and stick to what you need and believe in!!

Till next week.


  1. I should probably do that...I'm on way too many lists!

  2. Isn't is amazing how many of these lists we sign up for? I was noticing it the other day, and I think I may take your advice and unsubscribe from most of them. :-)

  3. I did that myself a while back. Now I find I spend a lot more of my free time happily unplugged :)

    1. exactly that's how I am feeling!

  4. Girl I could not agree more! Very smart. I need to do the same. I agree about those commercialized bloggers wearing chanel and loubiton in every post. Must be nice. Check out my blog! I really think we should follow each other!


  5. I agree. Cutting back on those lists today!

  6. I'm working on the same thing right now. What a treat to open an inbox not crammed with junk! when I saw the title of your post I just had to click through. :<)

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