A Glorious Vintage Frock

Drinks on Me Dress  Esme and the Laneway Dress

Hi everyone I am home sick with the flu. It has been terrible and I don’t remember being this sick for a long time. Anyway enough with the boring.

I just found out I got the job at JeansWest today so happy and that is a huge load of my shoulders right now. It is also part time and fits around my uni schedule which is perfect for me. Any little bit of extra money at this time is a bonus for sure.

Anyway I though I would list some vintage style dresses I really love at the moment. These are all so perfect and would look beautiful with a vintage bike and a background of trees and a lake. Hope you like these too! (click on dress to view source)

About the Artist DressSweet Temptation Dress in Strawberries


  1. Ooo yay!! See told you something good will come up for you! I'm sure you'll enjoy working there!!

    x Aliya

  2. Oh yes! I wholeheartedly love them all! Of course that yellow one has my heart the most.
    Congrats on landing the job Ilana! How exciting and relieving to start something new and have the whole hunting process behind you.
    Feel better sweet girl. The flu is no fun, so treat yourself to plenty of tea and chocolate:)
    xx Marisa

  3. congrats on the job. great dresses! get well soon. :<)


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