Inspiration Monday: Love Her Look: All This Happiness

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I recently came across Kater’s blog All This Happiness and was astounded by her amazing sense and taste in fashion (especially vintage!). I poured over her blog for like an hour reading about her adventures and admiring her beautiful outfits and versatility.

When thinking over what is inspiring me the last week I would have to say this wonderful blog so I definitely knew to feature Kater this week for inspiration Monday. It is always great to find bloggers who inspire me on a daily basis, especially those who dress in similar styles with similar budgets.

Do you have a favourite fashion blogger?


  1. Aww, she's so cute! I love all of those skirts!

    Have you ever heard of Casey over at Elegant Musings? I think you'd like her. She wears a lot of vintage but also makes her own clothes using vintage patterns.

  2. Kater's blog looks great! So many wonderful outfits and inspiration, thanks for sharing :) I also like Casey as Paige suggested above.

  3. She's stunning, thanks for sharing

  4. Super fabulous fashion - I love her mustard polka dot jacket with the blue dress, what a combination!
    I have a few people hat I enjoy nosing at what they wear, one of them is Alicia Fashionista... she always looks fantastic and I have major hair envy!

    Sadie xx

  5. Great Fashion style blog.. cute and nice outfit.

  6. I just headed over and immediately got a blog crush on her. What vintage loveliness! I recently stumbled across this blog called Miss Pandora - and I am obsessed:)

  7. Love her style too! Her hair always looks great too.
    PS new layout look great!
    Kel xo

  8. gorgeous style!! my favourite fashion bloggers
    are Lucy Laucht, Kendie Everyday and Jessica from What I wore!
    love their style!


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