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Endings and Beginnings

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Today is my last day at my current job and tomorrow will be my first at my new one! I have decided to share a poem as I am too busy today to write and meaningful blog post. Hope you enjoy Smile

Beginnings can be kind: A first drop of rain,
Tip of the sun rising at morning,
First green shoot that signals spring.
Awakenings of all kinds, these beginnings,
Like a newborn’s joyful snatch at breath.

Endings can also be kind: A lull in the rain,
Sunset drawing day to a close,
The scatter-art of autumn leaves.
Sleepings of all kinds, these endings,
Like a man’s last troubled snatch at breath.

We make so much of our beginnings and endings,
Clinging to wakefulness, dreading our sleeping,
Blind to the beauty of cycles as
Rain gives way to sunshine, day to night,
Spring to autumn, our first breath to our last.

Our ending too can be kind, it is not so hard,
Without endings there can be no beginnings.

Poem by Rob Radcliffe


  1. Hey girl! I'm Tristan, your newest follower! I already love what I'm seeing and can't wait to see what else you have to post!

    Head over to and introduce yourself!

  2. OOH good luck with your new job!! What is it??? Hope you do really well on your first day!

    Sadie xx


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