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Frugal Friday: Create Your Own Vintage Jewellery!


With the world in a global recession, living within our means is more important than ever. Whilst the cost of living continues to rise in relation to rising oil and food prices, we need to be less frivolous with our disposable income. Instead of purchasing things that are already made, we need to take a leaf out of the past and express our creative and crafty skills. Most outfits would look incomplete without some type of jewellery but the great thing about it is that with a bit of research and hard work you can create your very own.

Before starting anything it’s important to figure out what sort of items are easy and practical to
make and what items would be a nightmare to create. Of course this will also depend on your level of experience and the tools you have but there are beautiful items that anyone has the ability to make such as bracelets, necklaces and pendants.


The first thing that you should do is research various pieces that you would like to recreate or find
the ideas and inspiration necessary to make your very own. The great thing about creating your very own vintage jewellery is that you can make it unlike anything else; a unique piece. Once you have a few ideas in mind, it’s time to find some supplies such as beads. Depending on your local shops and markets, this may be easy or difficult.

Another way to produce vintage jewellery is by using resin kits from craft stores. All types of
jewellery can be made using this method including pendants, bracelets and necklaces with an
authentic feel. For beginners, it is best to look for all in one resin kits or a two-part resin epoxy kit
(gives you time to make corrections as it dries slowly). In addition, you will need scrapbook cut outs or other items to place in the resin, mould or bezel links, two plastic cups and tooth picks or craft sticks.


If you don’t have any experience in casting resin to create jewellery, it is best to have a few practice goes before using the actual supplies for your piece of jewellery. Follow the instructions given in the kit to create the resin mix, and then add the scrapbook picture into your bezel link. Slowly pour the resin in until your mould or bezel link is full and use your craft stick to make sure your image is in the right position. After this is complete, it is simply a case of waiting until the solution hardens; although it is important to keep your eyes out for air bubbles (release or pop them when necessary).


After 24 hours or so, your vintage jewellery will be complete and ready for you to wear. It is always very satisfying when you make something of your own and this is no different when it comes to vintage jewellery. So revive those lost and forgotten craft skills to produce a unique item that will have your friends wondering where exactly did you find such an item!

Writer Bio: Rebecca is a fashion and design student currently working for Samara James and she is passionate about all things to do with fashion and style. For information on less frugal jewellery, visit

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