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Frugal Friday: Do You Really need it New? 5 Top Items to Buy Thrifted and Save

When it comes to getting the most for your money, most vintage shoppers could tell you a thing or two. But some items require more of a modern vibe and must be purchased new at close to full price. However, there is no reason not to use your vintage-savvy shopping secrets to find basic pieces for way below full-price at your favourite thrift store.

The next time you feel like you may need to head to the mall for a much-need addition to your wardrobe, take a thrifting detour first and stock up on used versions of some of your favourite basics.

1. Denim

As we all know, denim is one of the more expensive fabrics to purchase, and a pair of well-made jeans can run up into the triple digits.

Even jeans that are thin and poorly make can be super expensive. In fact, a pair of jeans for less than $40 would probably be considered a steal at most retail stores. So why continue to pay full price for denim when you can find so many different styles at the nearest Good Will?

You will have to do some digging, but it’s easy enough to walk out the door with four new (to you) pairs of jeans for less than what you would pay for a cheap pair at most retailers. Single out jeans according to the look of the denim, and be creative when you try them on. Denim is easily altered to change hem, leg fit, length, and waist size.

2. Leather
Leather items usually need to be bought to last at least a couple seasons, because leather is definitely an expensive material. But, if you scour the racks of your favorite vintage and thrift stores for only leather items, you may be able to sidestep throwing down wads of cash to get a couple cool pieces. Things like leather skirts and pants can be bought on the cheap and then altered to fit. Also, look out for leather vests and jackets. Even large pieces of leather fabric, which are sometimes sold at thrift stores for unbearably low prices, can be turned into wraps for winter months.

3. T-Shirts
Now, sometimes you have to spend some money to get a great, classic white T, which is definitely a wardrobe necessity. But, how often do we walk into our favorite stores and see wrinkled, ratty-looking new t-shirts selling for upwards of $50? Why pay that price when you can find one of a kind T’s at your local thrift store, often for under a dollar. Look for T’s that are clean and have no pills or stains. You can even check out the boys section for smaller T’s with fun logos.

4. Sweaters

Old comfy sweaters are some of the best things to buy thrifted. First, sweaters can cost you a bundle when bought at full-price. Second, most of your new sweaters will quickly end up looking just like the sweaters on the racks at the Salvation Army.

Check out the sweater selection next time you’re in a thrift store, and you may find a piece that looks totally new at about a fifth of the cost.


5. Plastic Jewelry

When it comes to nice pieces of jewelry that you want to stand the test of time, it’s definitely time to break out the pocketbook and invest in brand new pieces or quality vintage items.

But, if you’re just looking for some fun, trendy, inexpensive finds, then a great thrift store should be the first place you go. Things like huge, neon plastic bangles or colored wire earrings are much better to buy at a price of 50 cents or so at a thrift store, especially compared to other retail options.

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  1. Love the photos! We at Miss Ruth's Time Bomb 100% agree with you about buying things second hand or thrifted! Thanks for sharing this information with the world

  2. Cool post dear
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  3. Wonderful guest post and great blog! Visiting you from Blogging Buddies. I am now a follower and would love for you to come by!

  4. Hi, Love your blog - full of great ideas. I too completely agree with buying sweaters from thrift stores, I have never bought one from a retailer there is just no point! $10.00 for 100% wool, why bother with cheap and nasty acrylic with a huge price tag?


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