Happy Easter

Hi friends! Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

I spent my Easter break with the family and managed to score 2 Easter eggs (even though I don’t like chocolate much!) . I also spent time with my darling babies Bella and Phoebe (pics of Phoebe in yesterdays post) and watched some movies and TV shows (Vampire Diaries season 3, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead season 2 and Sherlock Holmes)

Inspiration Monday will be back next week with some awesome summer outfits! What did you get up to over Easter?

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  1. The first picture is adorable, I hope you had a lovely Easter <3

  2. How cute is that first picture!
    It was sister's 30th birthday over the Easter weekend so we had a little celebration. I was really nice, but my chocolate hangover isn't :)

    Gems x

    Australian Fashion Review Blog

  3. Cool BloG.
    love your pics.
    I have followeD you.
    all the best
    brooklyn grace.

    1. thanks darling will check out your blog XX Ilana


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