In Limbo

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  • Vintage striped dress via eBay
  • White polka dot tights via eBay
  • Tan leather brogue heels by Luichiny
  • Straw hat from Equip

This past two weeks have really taken their toll on me. I am not someone who gets sick very often but I find that when I do it is usually pretty bad. I really feel like I am in limbo at the moment not sure where I am going on when and it’s a pretty horrible feeling.

Yesterday I took heaps of pics of Bella playing which was fun and some pics of this lovely vintage dress I got from eBay a few months ago. I am hoping it will get a little cooler soon so I can start wearing my heavier material dresses. It is just so hard to find pretty clothes and stay cool at the same time!

The first photo shows my backyard and all the weeds that have sprung up since I have been too sick to do anything. They are kind of pretty but I will be attempting to get rid of them asap.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Let me know what you do when you feel like I do


  1. So cute! Love the dress and the polka dot tights are adorable.

    Emma xo

  2. Really hope you're better soon!! I know how you feel about being ill and it taking its toll, i feel as though I have had a period of different 'somethings' wrong with me since i came home from the UK and it's really starting to get me down! Argh!

    At least you have a pretty dress though :)

    Sadie xx

  3. I hope you start feeling better soon! It's awful when you feel bad and can't get things done. And by the way I'm in love with this outfit! That hat, those SHOES!, the dress. It's all so cute :)

  4. ahhaa, love theo utfit and the polka dots!

    hope you feel better soon too!

  5. What an adorable outfit and those shoes are too cute! I feel like I've had a mild cold for the last couple of weeks. I've been eating a lot of oranges and drinking Emergen-c and it's making me feel more energized. Hope you feel better soon!

    xx Adrian


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