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Here a list of my latest WANTS all in capitals of course! I wish dearly that I could win the lotto and buy myself everything listed here especially the Rachel Comey Mars boots in lavender aren’t they just divine!

I saw the House of Harlow necklace on a customer at my old job and asked her what brand it was so of course I had to find the same necklace online. It really looks even nicer in real life though.

And Silk….the bane of my existence why are you so pretty but cost so much and take so much to look after?


  1. Hope you get some items from your wishlist soon! I find saving up worth it in the end, I have fab pieces I've waited for :) Also you can find similar items in chain stores, that might be worth checking out? :)

  2. Some nice stuff you've got lined up! Hope you get some or all of them soon! Saw you on the Blogging Buddies site, and thought I'd drop by to invite you to have a look-see at my blog where I post about the plushies I make, mend and otherwise create and then try to sell at Hope to see you at both sites soon.

    Meanwhile, all the best in achieving your wishlist. Isobel

  3. Great pieces you've picked out! I love those last two pairs of boots and the last floral print dress - it is so pretty : )(Just so you know, found your blog through ifb and am now following!)


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