Accessories That Make You Look New

A guest post by Ana Brady


Ever since I don’t see myself as a unit anymore, but more as a 4-member family, it’s been difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends, sales, special shopping deals, etc. Also, the family budget is a little tight for all those shoes and dresses I’m capable of buying when “unleashed” (with a credit card).

No worries. Luckily, fashion is a huge field of possibilities and creative solutions. I’ve found that I can look absolutely “new” in an old dress and old pair of shoes, only if I have a new detail that attracts attention with its exotic beauty. Also, if it’s something I can make, even better.


Here are a few things I have in my vast collection of jewelry/trinkets/accessories. The one with the bent fork is a present from Cuba. I love how creative they are! They use forks made out of special material that can bend under the candle flame. Then they shape the fork in a certain way, and place a piece of shiny stone inside. The black “necklace” is made out of telephone wire.

I recently bought some trinkets with the intention of making a “gothic” necklace. I’m gonna use black lace, black plastic flower with a little red stone inside, and a keychain that fell off my key (it’s called ankh and represents an Egyptian symbol of life). With some thread and needle, maybe some glue, I’m sure I can put together something worth wearing at least once. :)

My collection of accessories consists of all possible colors, materials, shapes and sizes. It’s really fun combining them with my wardrobe, and the final result is usually very interesting. Amazing how different you can look if you only experiment with make-up, hair, and accessories!


Author bio: Ana Brady is a mother, wife, and an emerging blogger who’s discovering the beauty of writing about food, exercise, fashion, healthy living, etc. When she’s not playing with her kids, writing, or accessorizing, she’s working on a project on medical labels.

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