Thrifted Finds

I have been a busy gal lately thrifting away. Here are some of my latest finds. I was pretty happy to find the Mango jacket above and it looks brand new- got it for just $17.95 (as the lady at the op shop new it was an expensive brand!)
The dress was originally from Target and its a size bigger than I normally wear but doesn’t look too big and the print is just adorable so I had to get it!
Also you will notice I have an obsession with velvet at the moment- get ready to see some velvet outfits pics this week!


  1. I love velvet too! It's perfect for the cooler months. x

    1. too bad we don't get much of the cooler months tho :(

  2. I love that beige jacket!!! This makes me want to go shopping!

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  3. I love thrifting, I found some treasures last week. One of them is still at the dry cleaners, but I will post a pic when it's back!

    Can't wait to see you style yours :)

    Sadie xx


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