Totally addicted to pinterest


So if you aren’t already obsessed with Pinterest I suggest you get on over there right now!

I am loving it as it is somewhere I can keep all of my favourite items without having to search numerous websites or keep annoying bookmarks. I have to admit that I rarely use tumblr now as I really see no point in it anymore. Any pics I find on tumblr immediately get “pinned” rather than reblogged.

I love using it to collate all of my fave fashion looks at the moment sort of like a virtual “mood board” so cool!

Is anyone else loving Pinterest? Let me know your username so I can follow you! Oh and make sure you come and visit me here!




  1. I'm avoiding pinterest like the plague I don't need another site to be addicted too but it looks awesome. x

    1. no you should totally join it is so awesome!

  2. I couldn't agree more - I love Pinterest! Totally saves loading my browser up with bookmarks - plus I just love how you can organize it. I've been on for a while now - I just followed you. My username is Marisa Noelle:) It is very addicting.


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