What i wore: 1950’s style

Hi everyone hope you have had an amazing week.

It’s been crazy busy for me but amidst it all I managed to find this lovely dress at a local thrift store. I am fairly sure it is 1980s made but hiding the waist band makes it looks more 50s style.

I will probably be taking this one to a seamstress as I am thinking I want the waist band permanently removed and the button holes need re-sewing. The thing I love most about vintage items is they are not perfect but you can always alter them to suit your needs.

Found any good vintage items lately?

Outfit details: Vintage dress- thrifted, Modcloth Charter School Cardigan in Black, Camper Mary Janes (similar)


  1. oh how lovely is this floral dress! you look really darling;)

  2. Wow! This is such a beautiful dress! One of my favourites of yours! And these pictures are lovely, you look so pretty!

    x Aliya

  3. beautiful frock! I've never had anything altered because of the cost but it sure can reinvent a piece I hope they fix it how you like!! xx

  4. What a cute floral dress! I love the print on it.
    Also saw your comment on chictopia and I can't wait to follow you! I hope you return the favor (: It would mean so much coming from you.

    xx Amber


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