what I wore: velvet

Hi People how has your week been?

I can’t believe it’s Friday already this week has definitely gone crazy fast.

This is me being stupid in my new velvet dress by Quirky Circus and velvet headband from Myer.

I went shopping with my mum last week and got these 2 things plus some new bedroom linen. I originally wanted to get this gorgeous $300 leather jacket from Sportsgirl but convinced myself that spending more than a week’s rent on 1 item probably isn’t the smartest thing to do!

What have you bought lately??


  1. That frock is amazing! I bought three pairs of tights from Sportsgirl while they had free shipping. They were on sale too, saved $30! xx

  2. I love crushed velvet dresses!! This one looks lovely on you! Personally, I think $300 on any jacket is crazy!! I never knew Sportgirl was so expensive!

    x Aliya

  3. So so so so cute Ilana! This dress reminds me a bit of a floral velvet one I have that is sadly just hiding in the back of my closet because it just wouldn't be fitting to wear in this warmer spring weather. The little turban wrap is the perfect finishing touch. I definitely haven't bought anything for myself as of late. I've really been trying to stay true to my shopping ban I've made for myself since March. Happy weekend darling! xx Marisa

  4. That's such a pretty dress!! So cute.!

    PS. Just liked your Facebook and wish you could the same with mine. It's a new one. Here's my link hope to see you on FB soon.


    <3 Marina

  5. whoaaaa.. Australia must be so much more pricey than where I live, or I guess I should say Brisbane right? Here in Phx that's practically a whole month rent if we split it per person but then again we're ridiculously cheap & do have have a lot of ppl in one house haha. anyway super cute dress, great print & fun w/ the the headband too!


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