Am I Too Fat or Too Old to Blog?

I was recently intrigued by an article Jen wrote over on her blog Little Bird Told Me which happens to be one of my favourite UK blogs. She touched on the "age old" topic of the when are you too old to do things which was a really great read.

She also mentioned in the post that a commenter on her blog said she was too old and fat to wear Disco Pants. I'm fairly lucky in a sense as my blog is not so popular as to attract nasty web trolls whose only purpose it to upset and cause angst. In fact since starting my blog in December 2009 I have only had 1 nasty comment which was aimed at another comment (which I happily removed!).

But this article made me think. Am I too fat and old too blog?
It really does seem like a number of "super famous popular" fashion blogs are dominated by the size 0 beautiful young girls who are given beautiful bags, shoes and clothes by designer labels. I personally do not read these blogs as I feel like the fashion (and the blogger) are too unattainable for me. Some of these bloggers work so hard at what they do but then so do many larger size, older bloggers who are not really given the time of day.

I'm a size 10-12 (AU sizes) but for most of my life I was a size 8. I always try to dress for my body type but sometimes it is fun to try a new trend regardless of what people think. For example I recently bought floral pants which I haven't featured on my blog yet. I normally wouldn't wear such flamboyant colours and print on my lower half but they are fun, trendy and I really don't care if my ass looks big in them!

It's funny as most of the blogs I read are written by bloggers even older than me (I'm 26 for reference) who have more quirky or vintage fashion tastes. Some of my favourites like Liebmarlene and Lulu Letty are written by girls who are 30 years old and are still amazingly stylish and inspirational.

I think really at the end of the day everyone, regardless of age or weight as long as you are truly happy with who you are it shouldn't matter what the world thinks. If I want to wear a little girls style dress with cute accessories whose to say I am too old for these things?

Do you ever feel like you are too old or too fat to blog (or to do other things?)


  1. One of my pet peeves is "perfect" bloggers. I know I'm supposed to love everyone, yeah yeah, but there is too much perfectionism amongst many bloggers and the online lifestyle community in general. I'm fat and old. So what?

  2. thanks for taking the time to leave a comment darling I appreciate this so much!
    xoxo Ilana

  3. I'm 26 as well. You know, I didn't even realize until recently how young most bloggers are. Fashion knows no age. We don't do it to impress others, we do it because we feel good in what we wear and clothing is something we have FUN with. I hope to never reach an age where I'm told I have to stop enjoying my closet because I'm 'too old for that'! Same for size. There are some fantastic tiny little bloggers out there, and there are also some great plus sized women who are confident in their skin and inspiring to follow. Never let either aspect stop you from something you enjoy. :-)


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