Playing with baby chickens

This weekend my mum was in charge of looking after some baby chickens that recently hatched so we went there to fix up their pen and give them some fresh food and water.

They were so adorable and so soft even if I was afraid they might peck me (which they didn’t!)

I finally picked one up after my mum coaxed me to do it and I was glad I did as the chick was so amazingly soft and warm sort of like a mini version of my cat lol.

Took some pretty nice outfit pics too but I will put these up later in the week.

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. OMG, they are so cute Ilana! I love baby chickens <33
    xx Maria

  2. How cute are they?! awww

  3. OMG They're so lovely and cute!!!!! *.*

  4. so so adorably cute! chicks are my favorite animal:) I wish they would stay cute and tiny forever!

  5. How cute, thank you for sharing! Can't get enough of their little furry yellow faces:)


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