what i wore: nina proudman inspired

Maroon basic singlet from Target/ black maxi skirt from Topshop/ button necklace and feather earrings from random shops/ denim lapel jacket by Esprit (similar)/ Red clogs by Lotta from Stockholm

Lately I have been really inspired to wear more basics with funky accessories just like my ultimate fashion inspiration – Nina Proudman, a fictional character played by Asher Keddie on the TV show Offspring. She always has the best clothes, shoes and accessories and I love the way she layers items over basics like racer back singlets or tank tops.

This is actually the outfit that inspired my outfit I just wasn’t in the mood for a printed maxi (image courtesy of channel ten)

Sometimes I feel like I spend too much energy thinking about outfits and what will work and what won’t. Wouldn't it be nice for a change to just throw on whatever and look effortlessly chic without all of the drama?


  1. I love your chain dear!!!
    cool post

  2. This is the best outfit I have seen you in on your blog. It looks great! :)

  3. Great outfit! I just recently found your blog and I really like it. Great inspiration. Will be returning often!

  4. Such a darling ensemble and I must say I am extremely jealous of your darling Lottas! I have been lusting for my own pair for days! They are so cute on you!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog


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