What I wore: pink Tights



Busy, busy week. These pics were taken early last week obviously on a very lazy day hence my crazy messy hair. I love the second pic of Bella and I it’s one of my new favourites.

Is anyone else having issues commenting on my blog? I have heard that the comments aren’t showing up. If you can’t see the comments can you email me and let me know thanks heaps!

Outfit details:Dress from Target, tights from eBay, shoes via Brands Exclusive, cardigan from Jeanswest


  1. Normally i am not a huge fan of coloured tights, But this looks really nice!

  2. Aw the photos of you and Bella are so cute!

    Emma xo

  3. You know me, I LOVE colored tights! I think the rosy pink and blue together are such a pretty combination - definitely one I never thought of before. Bella is a cutie too! I had some trouble earlier this week leaving you a comment - it just wouldn't load, but looks like it's taken care of now. Have lovely week Ilana! xx

  4. I am going to start wearing some more coloured tights now it's getting colder. These look great. And I love your brogues too!

    My comment seems to have worked ok - yay!

    Sadie xx


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