A pixie- to do or not to do?

Lately I have been bored with my hair- it has gotten to that awful place where it is long enough to pin up but looks kinda stupid but is also too long and sticking to my neck on warmer days.

With Spring and Summer not far off and back to sweltering days where my only comfort is knowing I have airconditioning pretty much all day I have decided for a change a big change actually.

I have been admiring pixie cuts from near and far. My mum has one and she likes it. However she has a different face shape from me so it is always hard to judge if a cut will suit you.

Here are some of my fave pixies I could find. Oh and also red/copper colours that I am obsessing over at the moment. Kind of annoyed as most of my copper ends have washed out now :(

P.S All links to original sources via my hair pinterest board!


last 2 images are from some of my fave bloggers! Katherine from Of Corgis and Cocktails and Rebecca of The Clothes Horse!


  1. I think the pixie could look great on you! Definitely, a woman with a short hair cut like a pixie, needs to pay more attention to dress feminine and look feminine, and I also think make up is essential with short hair. But I think you really could look great with it, your hair seems quite thick and good for this cut, mine is way to thin and fine for it I think!

    xxx anita

  2. i'm pretty excited to see myself up here, especially next to rebecca :D

    i actually just dyed my hair redder! haha!

    and i could see your hair really cute in a pixie or a short bob with blunt cut bangs. i have REALLY thick hair and have mine thinned out each time i get it cut. i also have to blow dry it and put this styling stuff in - which really isn't that much but my old hair cut was like put some wavy spray in and go. like i didn't do anything ever! anyhow, i think you should go for it as it is easy to style and looks great with headbands.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. I love Katherine and Rebecca's hair and could definitely see you with a similar style. MIchelle Williams hair always looks so flawless as well. I always wanted to do a pixie, but the closest I ever got was a Louise Brooks style bob - My cheeks are way too full and my hair is too baby fine to be able to pull a pixie off unfortunately. Both your face shape and hair texture look like they would pull of a pixie quite beautifully:)

  4. hey ilana, just do it. i have a pixie too, and it's so nice and easy!! you will look gorgeus with a pixie!!

    love, audrey


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