Current Obsession: Picfx

If you haven't already downloaded the amazing app Picfx then get onto it for sure!
This is seriously one of my fave apps so far I love that I can create amazing images and this app really allows me to tap into my creative side.

It is super easy to use and you can choose so many different layered effects. As you can see I especially love the bokeh effects as these are so hard to get in real life even with an expensive camera. The heart bokeh is simply to die for and great for my pics with my beautiful dog and cat.

I also really love the grunge effects, lomo and the nebular/space effects. The very first image on this post originally was a pic of trees with a blue sky taken during the day time. I did a few different layers to create a seemingly magical night time look- I simply love this app!

Let me know if you have it and how you use it- send me links to your pics if you have any!


  1. I've never used it before - but now I want to check it out. I typically use picmonkey but it doesn't have the fun effects like in your photos above (which are all gorgeous Ilana!). I'm smitten by that last heart bokeh one with you and your sweet!! xx Marisa


Thanks for your comments I appreciate it very much :)
Please leave me your link so I can check out your blog!


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