Free Advertising: when should you do it?

Lately I have been personally contacted by some companies that basically want free advertising on my blog. The email usually starts with something like how much they like my blog etc. and a lot of the time doesn’t even mention my name (shows how much research they did!).
Even though I realise it is so very difficult to make it as a new entrepreneur with a cool idea, I have to admit that sometimes these emails frustrate me. Not only are they impersonal a lot of the time they are also essentially requesting that I do something for them with nothing in return.
compensation money for blogging
Although I didn’t set out (and still don’t) to expect money from this blog I do actually work really hard to ensure there is new (mostly original) content which is interesting to my readers – so why shouldn’t bloggers be compensated for their time, effort and energy?
When you should do it:
  • If it is something of interest to you or to your readers- Of course I have offered free advertising on my blog before but this is usually as I am interested in the shop myself or believe that my readers would be. Usually vintage/ handmade shops are great for this.
  • If it is something interesting or for a good cause then I would be more than happy to offer a blog post or something of the like. (I recently did this for the Woolmark world record attempt)
When you shouldn’t do it:
  • When the company doesn’t even bother to acknowledge who you are in an email and it is clear that the email is a template and they have just added in your blog’s name.
  • When it is something of little interest to you or your potential readers
  • When there is absolutely nothing to you or your blog in return 
Well there’s my rant for the week- what is your opinion on this matter?


  1. Thanks for this great article! You are right, I hate these emails too. And sometimes I really think they don't read my/a blog at all, they've not even looked at it... For example: I recently got an email from someone for children clothes - they were really cute at least in the email. But it was such an impersonal email, that I just didn't feel like doing that (they asked me to write an article about children clothes of course for no recompense at all). And actually I'm writing not at all about children clothes, but about appropriate outfits for cultural (opera, concerts, theatre) and scientific events, and no, glitter heels are nothing I would wear to the opera... Well, very strange these emails... And I don't have so many readers (yet ?) that I would be the typical blog that could reach thousands of people...
    But I think little vintage shops are wonderful things to write about, unfortunately the city I live in (Munich, Germany) isn't very good for little vintage shops, so we have only very few (and some are totally overpriced) but a nice one some streets away also wrote me an email - a personal one, and just asked if I perhaps want to come over for a cup of coffee and a chat, because she loves operas. And I will definitely do that in the next weeks!

    xxx Anita

  2. Great post! I feel like a lot of the time, people don't realize the time and effort us bloggers put into our posts. I agree with supporting small businesses and good causes though! I don't have any ads on my blog at the moment, and I'm not sure I ever will.

    Great post!

    xx Eva


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