Sponsor Spotlight: Smarty Pantalons

sponsor2sponsor1Hello everyone hope you had a glorious weekend. I can’t believe it is Monday tomorrow (and that today is 1 July!) this year seems to have just flown by!

Today’s post is a sponsor spotlight from my wonderful sponsor SmartyPantalons Vintage. Cherri the owners stocks the most cutest kitsch vintage items from cute shoes to adorable collectables (isn’t that Cabbage Patch Kid just screaming for a hug!?)

I am also in love with the vintage Babushka dolls and the carved wooden roosters (my mum and I actually collect bird statues and carvings)

Also if those mary-janes were in my size I would have snapped them up in an instant- any size 6.5er’s better get in quick!

Cherri is also offering My Modern Vintage readers a 20% discount off purchases made in July with the code: 20July

which items are your faves?


  1. The cabbage patch doll! That brings back so many memories! I wonder if my parents still have my doll. lol
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. omg the doll is so so sooooo cute :) thanks for sharing your post made me smile

  3. some very cool stuff. love the shoes!

    Happy Weekend. G


  4. thanks everyone for your kind comments xoxo


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