What I wore: vintage Style

Floral Dress from Modcloth (similar)// Cardigan from Modcloth (similar)// Black Ballet Flats (similar)// carpet bag by Fossil

These are the first pics I have put up on Flickr for a while now. Lately I have been really starting to think more about my online privacy and I really feel that Flickr is one of those places where a lot of weirdos unfortunately lurk.

I have had some crazies comment on my photos which is not fun. It would be good to have an account with privacy settings but the only issue with that is that I couldn’t share pics on my blog or in fashion groups which I love doing!

I suppose being online you need to accept the good with the bad. How do you feel about privacy online?


  1. Great liberty dre$$!!!
    love this preppy look

  2. Cute outfit and love your bag! :)

  3. Cute dress.
    I agree about the privacy issue. I try to be careful about what I say and put out there. Be safe and have a great day!

  4. i love this dress! it's a cute print and i like the buttons on the side a lot. and that fossil bag is awesome - i haven't seen a fossil bag like that.

    anyhow - flickr is full of TOTAL weirdos. i get a kick out of it personally. once i had an outfit photo with my dog and someone commented about how he hoped my dog 'wizzes' on my moccassins! i was crying because i was laughing so hard. but once on the more creepy one was that someone found me on flickr through i guess looking for my car on flickr and commented about how they followed me down a highway (i had been on that highway that day) and how i need to not talk on my iphone (which funny enough, i have a bluetooth thing in my car, so i wouldnt have had it to my head....oh...and i dont have an iphone!)

    anyhow, on flickr. you can set photos to private and still share them with certain groups and post them on the blog! you just have to grab the HTML for it - i do it on a lot of mine.


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