Body Image: What is your stance?

Recently over at IFB there was an attack on a certain article which spiked a huge outrage within the fashion community. Even if the original article was not meant to offend it is often sometimes difficult to convey a message via written content.
I personally wanted to mention this on my blog simply for discussion as it is an area that is pretty much on every woman’s mind at sometime of their life no matter what they look like.
When it comes to situations like these I like to play the devils advocate (maybe its my law/journalism back ground who knows) but I am always able to see both sides of a story even if my opinion differs to one side or the other.
Personally I do not read the super famous blogs featuring leggy blondes in expensive designer clothing. It’s not that I don’t like them it’s just their style isn’t my style. I really prefer to read blogs who enjoy things I enjoy like vintage, thrifting and craft. I don’t personally care if someone is (by society’s standard)beautiful, ugly, thin, short, tall or fat. If they have interesting and informative content that is what I enjoy then I will read their blog and enjoy it.
I think at the end of the day, like art, beauty is subjective. What are your thoughts on this controversial issue?


  1. Great post!!
    Shared it on fb!!

  2. Thanks for a thought provoking post! I went and read the article and comments and had a laugh to myself. I am not a fashion blogger and didn't know such a thing existed until 3 months ago with the birth of my son. I gained a great deal of weight and am looking for a style (never had one before baby either) wanted to learn about makeup for 40 yr olds etc... In my fashion blog hops I have NEVER found a thin blonde site! Ha ha I must choose my blog titles well.

  3. WHOAH new layout. where have i been, right?

    i've honestly never really paid much attention to this. i love the idea of all the 'i love my size' and what not things, but i never participate just because i don't really want to draw attention to my size. i'd rather just be, you know? this is coming from someone with an eating disorder (i'm open about it, and it's my own stupid fault, i don't blame society, i blame being a young girl and silly) but a size is a size. i would be much more offended if someone told me my photography sucked (i was a photographer long before a blogger) than if they told me my body was ugly. i read a variety of blogs. from thin girls to big girls to girls in singapore to girls in idaho. i think variety is amazing. and really, probably some of the reason some bloggers don't ever get found is because there are a lot of blogs, right!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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