Family Affairs Cry Baby Dress

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wearing: Family Affairs Cry Baby Dress// thrifted straw bag // floral hair garland from diva// Seychelles Private Eye Oxfords from Amazon

I have been wanting to wear this dress for ages but it came to me in late Autumn and it is much more a spring summer dress so can’t wait to get more use out of it. The only issue now being that I have put on weight over winter (noooooo!) so it is a bit small around the empire waist section. Not to the point where I can’t wear it though thank God.

These are also my brand new Seychelles oxfords from Amazon. Pretty happy with them and the fit is great like all Seychelles products. I wanted to get some nude oxfords for Spring and these are perfect.

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  1. Cute Dress! Love your oxfords :)

    Sita xx


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