WHy I Love My Cat Bella


I took these pics after work one day last week hence the very bad lighting. However even with the lighting and the fact that I look like crap I simply love these photos. Bella was so happy to see me after work this is the warm welcome I am soooo used to getting Smile

So why do I love Bella? Because she loves and NEEDS me. It is such a wonderful feeling when someone loves and needs you. Some people probably feel like this about their children but seeing as I don’t have any I feel like this about “my baby”.

On another note I just got a journalism internship at one of Australia’s top news organisations so I am over the moon. This also means I will have very little time for blogging over the month. I have work, uni + my graphic design diploma and now an internship on top of trying to start my own business so incredibly busy!

Hope you will still stick around though Smile


  1. Your cat is the cutest! Wow, you're taking on a lot these next few months - good luck with the internship!

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