Blog Design and Aesthetics: Plain or Pretty?


{source: Delightfully Tacky}

Everyone knows I love blog design and the prettier the better I say. Not only am I more attracted to blogs that have beautiful designs and layouts much like Elizabeth’s above I also find them more aesthetically pleasing.

My blog has undergone many transformations which is not always considered good when blogging as readers can easily get confused. But like my personality- I get bored so either you love it or leave it I say.

However there are some interesting fashion blogs I read that have very plain layouts but are still immensely popular. Here are some examples:


{source: Karla’s Closet}

This girl is one stylish babe. Although I don’t really dress anything like Karla I admire her taste in fashion (expensive!) and have always seen her as a bit of an icon.


{source: Fashion Zen}

I have been reading Iris’ blog on and off for about 2 years now and love her take on the most recent fashion trends. Her blog utilises a lot of white space and is not cluttered.

And here are some of the designs I am totally loving right now- these girls are all about pretty! Just what I like to see in a blog design- beautiful graphics, nice layout, not cluttered and easy to read…did I mention pretty!


{source: Little Chief Honey Bee}


{source: Hello Lyndsey}

so what do you prefer- plain or pretty???


  1. Pretty! Delightfully tacky is beautiful. I think you can still be pretty without clutter. Those minimalist ones don't inspire me to want to read any further...but that's just my taste.

    1. thanks for your comment- yes it is so much fun to have a pretty blog

  2. I like both, I'm going to be more willing to read something that looks well put together no matter if it's "plain" or "pretty".

    1. I totally agree I am all for content but pretty is always appealing to the eye

  3. Very pretty, I hope mine is pretty I try but unfortunately I'm not graphic or web designer haha. But those are lovely.


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