Corset Review by Chantelle

I was recently contacted by the lovely Jess who runs an online corset shop. As I don’t wear corsets I decided my friend Chantelle should review this piece. Here is what she had to say…
The corset is exquisitely made fits my shape perfectly. I quite frequently say I was born in the different century and now I have the corset to match. I found the corset comfortable and easy to move in (not excluding bending) but sitting down while wearing it was easy. I didn’t have any trouble breathing.

Like other corsets I have tried when sitting or bending the bones in “cheap” corsets tend to bend outward, but not this corset it held its shape wonderfully as any corset of higher quality should.
The attention to detail in the make of the corset is also beautiful the frills around the edging have not been over done and are equally space around the whole of the corset.
The materials used are soft elegant colours and versatile. All the stitching is perfectly executed no lose threads. I believe that this corset would withstand the most intensive wear.
I found it slightly difficulty to get the flap under the lacing to sit properly by my self and needed assistance in straightening it. Also getting the lacing done tight enough was a challenge but nothing a little practice couldn’t fix.

I found when wearing the corset it makes me confident and beautiful. I enjoyed the slimming and shaping that it gave my figure. I have never felt more feminine wearing any other piece of clothing.


You can visit Jess’s Corset shop here and buy this beautiful corset modelled by Chantelle here!

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