Cosmetics and Animal Testing


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Recently a reader of my blog alerted me to the fact that Covergirl still tests on animals. Of course this is something I should know considering in year 12 I was an animals rights enthusiast and even did my senior legal studies presentation on animal testing. Perhaps one can become ignorant or nonchalant as the years pass by?

Anyway, I am absolutely sickened by the amount of companies that still test on animals. I'm doing my research now so I can start eliminating these products from my house! Here are some well known brands that DON'T test on animals (information c/o PETA website): Aveda, Bare Escentuals, Nude by Nature, Australis, Face of Australia, Nads, Moroccan oil, Natio, OPI, Palmer's, Physicians Formula, Lime Crime cosmetics, Puretopia, The Body Shop and Urban Decay.


{Lime Crime doesn’t test on animals – Picture courtesy of Flickr}

As consumers it is so easy to forget that products may have been tested on animals. I am now making a conscious decision to only by CFC products. Most CFC products are labelled with a picture of a rabbit at the back or they say not tested on animals or something similar. Some companies don’t have this label (OPI is one) so always check first before purchasing. I have also found not to trust sales assistants as most of the time they also don’t know. I used to buy Mary Kay products as I was assured they weren’t tested on animals but Mary Kay is currently still on the list of companies who do test on animals on the PETA website.



  1. Thanks for this! I love physicians formula mineral foundation, and I have a few bare escentuals items that are great too. :D

    Happy Saturday!

  2. I was so shocked when I found out a few years back that companies still do this. I thought it was something you saw in movies from the 90's and that has stopped. But sadly there are so many companies that still test their products and ingredients on animals, it's so unnecessary. The terrible thing is that they only do this because everyone is trying to come up with something new all the time and then they have to test things again.


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