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Yesterday I went for a job interview at a popular accessories store but first off not sure if I got it as I think the chick who interviewed me didn’t like me, and secondly I didn’t really feel like I “fit in” there. Most of the girls in the store even the older ones were about a size 6, wearing leggings as pants (URGH!) and looked like they shop somewhere cheap- each to their own but I just didn’t feel like “me” there are I think that you always need to be yourself no matter what.

As you can see from the outfit pics above this style is of course not truly me- I mean I hardly ever wear accessories I find them annoying to be quite honest. I like simple chain necklaces and sometimes a cool statement piece but this is about as far as my accessorizing goes.

So the job hunt is still on but at least I am starting to have a feel for what I truly want in a job even if it will only be temporary until I can (if ever) find work in journalism.

Have a great weekend everyone (and long weekend to other Queenslanders!). Find out more about Kalmar Antiques

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