First look: my new Jeffrey Campbell litas!


wearing: JeansWest dress, Jeffrey Campbell Litas it taupe suede

OMG these are like SUPER tall but weirdly comfortable. It honestly doesn’t even feel like you are walking in something this tall. I rarely wear tall heels so they will take a bit of getting used to because of this but I cannot wait to wear them somewhere with a flat surface (probably the shops!)

I used to hate these shoes but convinced myself to ‘give them a go’ and I am pretty glad I did. I will do a more in-depth review once I have worn them a bit as it is hard to judge when you have only worn them around the house.

But if you are thinking of getting some- do it!


  1. They look great on you - I love Litas but I am struggling with how they could possibly be comfortable! The JCs I really want are the studded slippers - they're gorgeous and I think I would have less danger of falling and breaking my neck :)

  2. AWESOME! soooo exciting. i love them on you - and i love the dress you paired with them

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. I have a fake pair of these and they are so painful! Ouch ouch ouch. It's put me off getting a real pair, even though I'm sure they're much more comfortable!



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