Shellac Nail Polish Review

Hi everyone. It has been one hell of a fortnight for me with trying to find a decent paying full time job and going to random interviews and then realising the job probably isn’t suitable for me. Sucks so early last week I shouted myself to a Shellac Nail Polish manicure.

From someone who used to have acrylic nails, the process of Shellac is so much better for your natural nails just in case anyone reading this is worried. The girl basically did a quick shape, cuticle remove and then lightly sanded just the top layer of each nail. She then added the Shellac. It was done in 3 coats with drying time in the UV dryer after each coat. The final coat was a gloss layer which made them look uber sparkly. I wish I had taken photos so you could see what they looked like after they were done but maybe next time.

Anyway so its been about 1.5 weeks and they are pretty much still perfect. No cracks, chips, dullness at all. They seem to be a lot stronger than gel polish as I have had this done before and it didn’t last too long.

Overall I am very happy with the product and will be going back to choose another colour next time. It is only $35 and is supposed to last 4 weeks. Not that you can tell in the iPhone pics but the colour is actually a deep red/pink and super sparkly!

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