The Peplum: love it or hate it?


wearing: peplum lace top from Temt// black maxi skirt from Topshop// satchel bag- thrifted

Ahh the peplum you either love it or hate it. Or maybe you are just like me and still sitting on the fence about it.

I actually purchased 2 peplum tops on my shopping spree a few weeks ago and decided to keep this one (I am returning the other one).

I think the reason I like this one for is that it pretty much sits at the perfect spot on me. Any longer or shorter and I would look pretty terrible.



The white one I bought which is being returned was way too long so that the peplum bit sticks out at my hips. I don't actually have very large hips but the length made me look about 2 x larger than I am (not to mention the colour white really doesn't help)

So anyway this one is a keeper although really not sure how I am going to be able to remix it as I don't wear pencil skirts or shorts (which look amazing with peplums). Probably jeans with heels will look ok to balance out the wideness but flats and I could look a bit stumpy.

So will probably just wear this same outfit over and over again. Oh and this maxi skirt from Topshop is totally going to be my summer staple.

Do you wear the Peplum trend? Any advice for us who are so unsure of this look?

P.S how cute is my little photo-bomber!


  1. This looks good on you. I am one who is blessed with the bigger hips...not even keen to try it! I do find them quite stylish on others though :-)

  2. Love it, looks great on you Ilana!!!


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