Cats and Litas

wearing: old Sportsgirl dress, black tights from eBay and Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

I actually took these photos before my blog break hence why my hair looks more brown in these pics. I recently put in some red but am kind of over it so going to go lighter again as soon as I can afford for the hairdresser to do it.

So Bella decided to photo-bomb these pics again she just loves being involved in everything I do including being part of this blog!

Today was one of those crazy days that really make you think about things. I went out with my mum and as we were coming home there was this car flying towards us going at least 80-100 km/hr in the wrong lane! We then saw police cars and realised it was a chase. If we had been just a few minutes behind the person could have easily hit us and perhaps I would not be here to write this post right now. It’s freaky isn’t it how fate works- guess you can’t get rid of me that easily!


  1. Bella is such a sweetie-pie! I love this dress on you Ilana! It is probably one of my favorite styles - but sadly it's so hard for me to pull off without looking like a tent because I am so short. Killer boots as well! Hope your weekend was lovely lady :) xo Marisa

  2. aw! you and your kitty are both adorable! and i LOVE that dress - i think it's the perfect little spring dress. and glad to see you are loving your litas

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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