C'est la vie

what I wore
cream lace dress from Just Jeans(similar)
floral cardigan from Valleygirl (similar)
red clogs from Lotta from Stockholm
red leather bag from Nancybird

It is strange when you realise that taking one day at a time is so much easier than constantly over-thinking every little thing and making plans for things that may or may not ever happen.

I must admit that I am naturally a perfectionist, control freak so it is always difficult for me to let go even for simple things. But sometimes I get so tired of being like this that it is necessary to take a break from it all before losing your mind.

This outfit was what I wore to work earlier this week, throwing on a floral mis-matched cardi before leaving the house as it was a strangely chilly day for Brisbane Springtime. I got a few weird looks not sure why perhaps because I like to push the boundaries a little. Life is boring if you don't sometimes mix things up a little. Have a great rest of the week darlings!


  1. This is such a pretty dress!


  2. Hi Ilana, I love your blog! I am following you on facebook. Hope we can follow each other. Do pop over to www.rockindigo.com.au to visit us on our blog or facebook.

    xoxo Pauline
    Rock Indigo

  3. Love those clogs! I have several pairs of Lottas and they're awesome!

  4. You look beautiful and you are setting a great example by being yourself. x Thank you for sharing your journey with us. One day at a time. :)


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