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When I started my blog I was using Disqus, a blog comments service as pretty much every blog I was reading was using it at the time so I assumed it was good.
It also makes it really easy to reply to comments and interact with your readers which is of course always a good thing.
I stopped using it as I found it had a lot of glitches in that it would sometimes not appear and other times appear. I had readers contacting me saying they couldn't leave a comment etc and found this was happening to others too so decided to remove it (unfortunately it also took heaps of my previous comments with it!)

However I do find blogs that use Disqus always seem to have more comments than ones that don't. I surely have noticed a drastic drop in comments since removing Disqus from my blog.

I am considering using it again wanting to know how my readers feel about this and if any other bloggers have issues using this service?

So how do you feel about Disqus? Do you prefer it or do you prefer to us comments using Blogger?


  1. In all honesty, I don't really like it. I've never used it on my blog but sometimes commenting on other people's blog can be frustrating. But it's all up to you!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. I just use the normal blogger comment function on my blog. I've never had trouble with commenting on blogs that use Disqus. I haven't had my comments disappear with any comment programs.


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