Monetization right or wrong?

image c/o flickr creative commons

This month I will be doing quite a few sponsored posts. Some people don't like reading blogs that shamelessly monetize their blogs others don't seem to mind that much.

I have been monetizing my blog since the start of this year and although it is taking a while to grow it is definitely nice sometimes to be paid for doing something you love.

Many of my posts take a lot of time, energy and effort, as do other bloggers posts so why not be paid for this?

I have to admit that I do get a little bit annoyed when a fashion blogger is wearing an entire sponsored outfit. I personally feel that bloggers shouldn't have more than 2 sponsored items per outfit post otherwise they end up looking like a walking billboard. It makes me think they don't have any of their own hard-earned paid for clothes that would be useful to mix with paid clothing. 

How do you feel about blogs that are paid for sponsorships? 


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