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Ok so lately I’ve been missing my long hair like you wouldn’t believe. This is especially weird as it is stinking hot here at the moment and having long hair in this heat is very uncomfortable to say the least.

So anyway I bought a wig on eBay as this is pretty much the hair colour I am aiming for. And I just love it! It’s amazing how much more feminine you feel with long hair. As soon as I put this on I felt like myself again. As much as I love having short hair as it doesn’t cost me as much and it is pretty low maintenance I must admit that I am dying for longer hair now.

So I have decided to start growing out my hair so it will be long enough for hair extensions come Autumn next year.

What do you prefer long hair or short?


  1. I have long hair at the moment (about the length of your wig actually) and it's driving me up the wall! I pretty much just always have it in braids or a bun because I hate it flying around or, worse still, making my neck all hot and sweaty. Washing it is such a pain and it always takes forever to dry too. I really want to get it cut short. Just waiting until I can afford to do it haha.

    1. it is pretty liberating cutting off your hair I must admit. Mine was about 22 inches long and I cut it to about 18 inches long to start with and then when the whole hog and went straight to ear length. It was scary but fun I am lucky though coz my hair grows fast so I wouldn't recommend going too short if your hair grows slow xx Ilana


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