Book Review: Deja Vu of Love by Carol Cadoo

I was recently sent a book to review by the lovely Carol Cadoo. Her book Deja Vu of Love is currently available on amazon here

When I first began the book I was a little bit skeptical. Normally I am not one to delve into romance novels and much prefer thriller, non-fiction or fantasy based stories. But after the first chapter I was pretty much hooked. I honestly couldn't wait for my 3 hour journey to and from my job just so I could settle back and catch up on the wonderful and enticing life of Jazz Kelly.

The main character and protagonist Jazz Kelly is an amazing character. She starts of life with basically nothing, is given a chance of a lifetime and then ends up, again, with nothing. I loved her tenacity and the fact that she never gives up striving for her dreams no matter how wild they seem to the reader from time to time.
Another favourite character for me is Patrick. Oh wouldn't we all love a male friend of a non-sexual nature who would be willing to dote on us hand and foot? Well Patrick is that character and the book simply would not have been the same without his presence.

As much as I hate to admit it, the antagonist in this novel was a huge hit for me. Not only is she completely bonkers, sinister and manipulative but there is a secret she is holding that only comes out at the end. I must admit it was a bit of a shock for me, but explained a lot of the reasons behind her sadistic behaviours.
Although a love story, this book is so much more. It explores the life of a young woman and the struggles and successes she faces in the 1990's. The character development was great especially with the protagonist and antagonist but I did feel that there could have been more story and character development of Jazz Kelly's true love Gianni.

The editing of the book (like most Kindle novels) is in need of some work but it is not difficult to read. Overall I just enjoyed the story so much that this didn't really bother me.
I would have to compare the work of Carol Cadoo to the great romance novel writer Danielle Steel. Like Ms Steel's work, this book contained everything ones wants to see in a romance novel- a hard life, success, friendships, true love, evil losing and good winning out. 

If you are a sucker for romance novels with a twist then I suggest getting this book as soon as possible. Be warned though, you may forget to sleep whilst reading. Enjoy.

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