Growing Up

What I Wore:
Life is like a game where you sometimes need to portray a powerful, image to show how eager you are to win. In the game called life where the competition is tight, have you ever wondered how others perceive you?
Sometimes I do. I try not to focus on this too much but with my personality type sometimes it is practically impossible.
By the way I am an IFSJ which means I am hard-working, dedicated and passionate but that I care too much what others think and need to be constantly reminded by others of my worth. I feel this mostly relates to work and have always felt I need to be "needed" and "appreciated". It also means that you sometimes allow others to take advantage of you which I do. Just ask my family although maybe not as they may try to pretend this has never happened!
From a young age I was worried about what people thought of me- do they think I'm ugly, not dresses nice, a good/bad worker, a good friend or not? Sometimes thinking like this is sure to drive one crazy!
But as the years have gone on I have learnt to try to tune these thoughts out. I know that I am happy with how I look, dress, feel and how I treat others- so why should it matter so much about other people's opinions. Why do we as human's care so much?

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