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navy 60s vintage dress - eBay
cat pin brooch – gift from my mum
silver flats- Diana Ferrari from Myer

I took these photos last week after work when I decided to go for a little stroll. I found this nice park that doesn't look like many people use it which would be great for pics. Sorry these pics aren't perfect the daylight was going and I forgot to swap over to my 50mm lens.

So far my diet I started about a week and half ago is going well. I have lost 2 kilos so far which is amazing but it has been hard. The worst part about losing weight is it gets much harder the longer you do and the closer you get to your goal weight. I don't have to worry yet as my goal weigh is another 12 kilos away.
I do admit that I feel a lot healthier but I am still getting hungry which is annoying. I suppose when you overeat for so long it takes a while to get back to eating like a normal, healthy person again.
Hope everyone is having a nice week so far.


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