The secret to happiness

peter pan collar dress
black vintage ankle boots
Stella McCartney dress
What I Wore:
  • Peter Pan Collar Dress by Stella McCartney
  • Black ankle boots from eBay
  • White belt (dress from Modcloth)
  • Steampunk necklace (handmade by me)
This week I have been thinking about my New Years Resolution for the start of 2012 which was to be happy. Sounds like a silly resolution but when you have suffered with depression from a young age sometimes being happy is all you truly want.

Although this entire year hasn’t been happy I think over the past few weeks I have found it. With my new lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) and the current loss of 4.5 kilos (9.25 pounds) I am really starting to appreciate what it means to be healthy and happy. I used to believe that happiness could only be achieved from the outside (career success, new shoes, what others think and of course FOOD) but none of these things were truly making me happy or the feeling was short-lasting.

I am still and probably always will be on the journey to finding true happiness, as most people are, but in the meantime I am starting to understand what makes me happy (being healthy, eating well, quality time with my cat, dog and family, making crafty things, writing, creating)


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