What I Want: Vintage Typewriter

vintage typewriters

At the moment I am totally obsessing over vintage typewriters. They are so stunning and great for vintage or shabby decor enthusiasts but I actually want one that works so I can write. Being a writer, there is something so magical about a typewriter, so minimalist even that is so much more pure than modern technology can provide.

I know I was born in the wrong era as I often pine for the good old days (and I was born in 1986!) but I can imagine writing a wonderful novel with one of these.

pink typewriters

I love all of the coloured ones but the do sell for quite a bit. I actually wanted an early 1900's one, you know the funky ones that are black with the beautiful round keys kind of like this one:

1900s typewriter

But seeing as I am poor and these ones usually don't have ribbons I have decided on probably getting a vintage Olivetti Lettera 32. They are really beautiful and were originally used by journalists back in the day- plus it comes in a nice green colour which is awesome.

Olivetti Lettera 32

What do you think? Any ideas on typewriters I can get please shoot me an email or leave a comment below!


  1. Ooh my best friend bought me a 1950s Royal typewriter for my birthday once. I love it!


  2. Goodness me, but those models took me back a bit. By 1986, I'd been using some like them for nearly 10 years - and have arthritic fingers to prove it! Learning to type at my secretarial college we used to learn the keys (and get up speed) by doing it in time to music. How about keeping up with "A Hunting we will go" - if you know it? Believe me, to begin with it was hilariously hard work!

    Thanks for the memories. Keyboards, with the ability to correct oneself as one goes along - especially as you appear to be be a writer - are so much easier!

    Would it be too inconvenient for you to spare a mo for me please - especially with your writing interest? In 2013, am thinking about using my blog at www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com as a base for kids' books. Am asking my US blogging friends, and you're the first of them from OZ. So, any views - negative or positive - would be very helpful. Don't worry - have broad shoulders: why else would I been asking for views?!

    Hope you find a typewriter you like! Meanwhile, all the best for the holidays.



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