Gift Ideas for Married Couples

Couple holding hands with wedding bands on them
There are a lot of gift ideas for the holiday season but things can get confusing when it comes to selecting gifts for couples. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Given below are a few simple yet romantic ideas that couples will love...

For Him
1. Something Engravable: Guys love gifts that make them feel special. Gifts that make them feel they are a strong part of their partner’s life. What better way to give him that ‘special feeling’ than gifting him an engravable item that has both of your name’s personalized on it? It could be a money clip, a cigar case, metal credit card holder, etc.
2. Shaving Gift Set: Shaving for men is an important thing since it’s a part of their daily life. It’s another thing that they don’t really show how seriously they take personal grooming. So it’s a good idea to gift him a nice shaving gift set that will help him keep that stubble at bay. You could add an organic aftershave lotion or balm to go along with it.

For Her
3. Spa Gift Certificate: It’s a fact that girls are always trying to look and feel better. A lot of women love going to the spa in order to get a manicure/pedicure along with a deep, relaxing massage. Go ahead and gift her spa gift certificate so that she can indulge and let go of the stress life brings in. She’ll not only come back rejuvenated, but will also thank you for your care and pampering.
4. Jewelry: There is nothing like jewelry when it comes to gifting a women. It’s the ultimate way of expressing your love and affection for your better half. What you could do is find out what stone is her favorite and gift her piece of jewelry embedded with that very stone. It could be an emerald, sapphire, diamond or ruby - depends on what she likes. And don’t just get stuck on a ring when selecting your gift. You could also give her earrings or a pretty necklace.

For Both
5. Dinner and Movie: Sometimes the smallest of the gestures can make a huge difference. Arranging a date night with a dinner and a movie may not look like an expensive gift but what makes it a great gift is the fact that it gives the couple a bonding time.
6. Balloon Ride: If the couple in question likes adventure then it would be a good idea to go together on a an adventurous hot air balloon ride. It gives both of them to experience romance by looking at the world below and having a delicious picnic lunch after they land completes it.
Regardless of what kind of gift you choose, always remember that what really matters more is the gesture behind the action. So don’t leave any stones unturned in making the gift as special as possible.


  1. Great ideas! I like the balloon ride.

    x Eve

  2. soo cute ideas!

  3. I love the idea of going on a balloon ride. That's definitely on my life list. Great suggestions.


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