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Wearing: Dress from Kmart (I know right!) // Bag by Sportsgirl // teal coloured tights from eBay // black flats from Payless Shoes

After a terrible week last week I am truly hoping this one is better. The good news is that I have now lost 5.2 kilos as of my last week’s weigh in. Very excited to weigh in this week to see how much farther I have come.

Even though it was a shitty week who says coloured tights can’t brighten your day? I certainly felt better for wearing them even if inside I just wanted to wear all black.

I also decided to make a few changes to the blog as the other design was pissing me off. I think I’m just not cut out for “posts in the middle” type designs. I am happy with this new layout and will obviously be keeping the same design for the header because it is awesome. It also helps so people are less confused when they get to my blog (the whole- whoa is this the right blog or not situation)

Hope everyone had a great weekend


  1. Congrats! 5.2 kilos are great! You look stunning in the dress and tights. When I feel bad I always choose the brightest colors I can find in my closet. It always helps me. Maybe it is just the old trick to smile when you just want to cry... Greetings from Germany!

  2. Thats brillant, congrats on the weight loss! You look lovely in your photos as well, great dress and love the tights. Keep up the good work! xoxox

  3. Love that dress on you - I indeed cannot believe it's from Kmart. Weight loss is sooo hard and it's awesome that you have persevered and done so well - congrats!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. I agree about the posts in the middle blog layout! Mine is set up with a sidebar just on the right. Found you on blogging buddies. Great blog :)

    Keep up the good work with the weight loss! I am on weight watchers and going through the process as well.



    1. its exciting isn't it. I feel so much healthier now


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